Where to Take Your Grad Photos in Richmond, VA

I’ve been taking graduation photos in Richmond, VA for about four years now, so I think it’s about time that I make a blog post on some of my favorite locations.

If you love Richmond but don’t know exactly what location you want for your graduation photos – this blog post is for you. In fact, this blog post is for everyone. These locations are wonderful for any kind of session.

Libby Hill Park

VCU Graduation session at Libby Hill Park in Richmond, VA

Libby Hill Park has a beautiful overlook of the city of Richmond mixed with lots of greenery, trees, and open space. It’s simple and representative if you love Richmond and what it has to offer. Libby Hill Park is one of my go-to places for any kind of session.


Maymont is a popular area for grad photos. You could walk around this park all day and still not explore everything it has to offer. Personally, I pull up to the Hampton Street entrance and walk towards the Italian garden. I usually spend a lot of time in the surrounding areas of the Italian garden, but a lot of my clients also love walking down to the Japanese garden and snapping photos on the stones above the water. Either way, every location at Maymont is beautiful for photographs.

Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol is definitely another favorite because of how versatile it is. First off, I guide my clients on where to park because this location can be a bit tricky with parking (that’s what I get for living in the city). When you walk up the steps to enter the State Capitol area, you can either go into greenery, white buildings, or straight up to the main building full of beautiful white columns and large white steps. I usually try to get a mix of all three in my sessions. My clients typically always ask to use the main building, which is fine because it is gorgeous.


The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has a mix of white buildings and lots of greenery. I typically don’t shoot with the statues mixed into the garden, but I do go up to an area that a lot of people haven’t explored themselves yet. It’s a bit hidden but it’s a gem! When in bloom, the greenery is incredible. Spring graduates are in luck because of how the flowers bloom beautifully for them just in time for their sessions. I also go behind the VMFA to the white buildings for a more simple and elegant look. This location has a lot of options.

Bryan Park

A client actually told me about Bryan Park! Now I absolutely love it. Again, during the spring it is incredible. I mean just look at those pops of pastel colors! My clients meet me at the entrance and we drive together to the locations that I prefer to shoot at. If you love greenery and trees, this is the place for you.

On VCU Campus / Monroe Park

If you want to shoot on campus because of your love for VCU, you’re in luck because VCU campus has some awesome spots for photos. I make sure to hit all of the “symbolic” spots such as the ram horns, library, VCU letters, and a bunch of places in-between. If you want to mix a little bit of greenery in there, we can take a quick walk over to Monroe Park.

The Fan

If you want to be close to VCU campus but not exactly on campus, the fan is a great place. We start right by campus and honestly just walk around until we find some pretty views. It usually works out pretty well. This is a great representation of the unique neighborhoods in Richmond and it’s also nice knowing you’re right by campus.

If you’re interested in a graduation session – feel free to reach out to me here. I’d love to meet you!

There are so many great locations to take graduation photos in Richmond, VA