Tips for Your Engagement Session

Tips for Your Engagement Session

Being engaged is such a special time in your relationship. It’s the blissful place between dating and saying, “I do.” Plus, you get to call your partner your fiancé which always has a nice ring to it.

Once you get engaged, your mind swirls with all of the ideas you have for parties, the wedding, and telling your friends and family. One of the first things you’ll want to do is schedule your engagement photos. What better way to commemorate this special time than with a gallery of photos of you and that special someone? When you are ready to schedule your engagement session, there are some things you should consider that will both make your life easier, and make the session go smoother. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you with just that. Ready to get started?

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1. Schedule Your Bridal Makeup Trial for the Same Day 

Once you’ve booked most of your vendors, you’re probably also locked down for a professional makeup artist. For bridal makeup, you always schedule a trial session so you can work out any kinks before your big day. A lot of people end up scheduling their bridal trial makeup for a random day of the week and then let the flawless blending and eyeshadow go to waste. To combat this, schedule your bridal makeup trial for the same day as your engagement photos. You’ll have professional makeup for your photos and won’t even have to book a second session!

2. Tailor Your Outfits

Details are what makes or breaks photos. For example, if you wear a dress in your engagement photos that is a little too long, you might end up dragging it through dirt spots that will show up in photos. Also, if your partner wears a suit or dress pants, work with a tailor to make sure it fits them properly. Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect outfit and then realizing it doesn’t fit quite the way you’d want it to. Luckily, tailoring your clothes is very inexpensive and takes just a few days to complete.

3. Remember the Details

As just briefly mentioned, details are the icing on the cake when it comes to photos. There are many little details that you can think of to make your photos not only more polished but more special for you and your partner. Here are some details that you can plan out before we take your photos:

    • Couple with dog getting engagement photosManicure – Whether you like nail polish or not, getting a manicure is a small but important detail. We’ll be taking a lot of pictures of your ring which will include your hands. By getting a manicure, you’ll look polished and ready!
    • Hairstyle – Plan out well before your photos what you want your hair to look like. Flowing waves that wisp in the wind? What about an elegant updo? Or a half-up, half-down look? Whatever you choose will be perfect.
    • Props – Some people like to include props in their engagement photos. They always make them so unique and special. Some different props you could include are popping champagne and matching champagne glasses, biodegradable glitter or confetti, a wedding date sign, or even a sign that has your new last name.

4. Start Pinning

 One great way to have an idea of what you want your engagement session to look like is by creating a Pinterest board. Not only can you share the board with your Chelsea Schmidt Photography team, but you’ll know exactly what vibe you’re going for. Here are some popular engagement session topics to look into:

In addition to finding an area that you’d want to have your photos done, you can look into different outfit inspos, posing ideas that you specifically want, and any unique themes or ideas that mean the most to you and your partner.

Create a Fun Playlist 

If you are nervous about standing in front of the camera, don’t worry. We’ll make sure you’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible. One of the best ways to help you feel at ease and start having a lot of fun is by playing your greatest hits playlist. Throw in a mix of dance songs, hype songs, and even love songs that are special to you and your partner. We can play your playlist during your session and have our own mini party.

Remember to Have Fun

With so much planning going on for you and your partner’s wedding, your engagement sessions can be a time for you to slow down and have fun. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Luckily, the Chelsea Schmidt Photography team has the resources and connections to help you make your photos go smoothly.