Almost all of us have a photographer friend whether they dabble in photography as a hobby or have a full-blown wedding photography company. These gifts work for both kinds of people and I’m going to tell you why.

A personalized leather camera strap

This is a great gift because there are tons of Etsy sellers for you to choose from no matter what style you’re into. Personally, I prefer leather because it’s timeless and most likely won’t go out of style. They last forever too. Click on the photo for one etsy seller option.

A camera mug

These are classic gifts for photographers. I’m surprised I haven’t received more than one in my lifetime. I received the 2nd as a gift when I first started out and it works great! If you want something a little more elegant I would go with the first option.

Seal wax kit

For all of those client gifts, handwritten letters, Christmas cards, and any future endeavors, I’m sure any creative would appreciate a seal wax kit. Take this gift to the next level by customizing the stamper with the letter of their first name or even their logo.

Additions to their styling kit

If they photograph weddings, I am almost positive they would love one of these! Ribbons and ring boxes are a beautiful addition to any photographer’s styling kit. They can be used to photograph rings, invitation suites, anything really!

A new camera bag

Kelly Moore Bags are one of my favorite kinds of camera bags. I use a Kelly Moore bag on my day to day photoshoot and it’s what I carry around with me during weddings. It’s a little pricier than the rest of this list, but I highly recommend the investment.


Sometimes we need a break from staring at scheduling blocks and our many google calendars on the computer screen. A cute and simple stationery set or desk calendar is the perfect addition to any photographer’s desk. It’s very interactive and relieving to be able to physically write a list or dates out.

Thanks for checking my list out! Comment below if you got any of your photographer friends something from this list.

*photos are not mine