I have been trying to get Justice in front of my camera for FOREVER. After a long wait, the right moment finally happened. Since we’re close friends, Justice told me that she was growing a little baby inside of her way before our photo session happened. We were at a random Kelly’s Bar with our puppies so I couldn’t really scream.

The couple kissing with a baby balloon

Anyways, Justice finally let me take her photos. It turned out to be her pregnancy announcement. Excited was an understatement.

We weren’t supposed to shoot at this location at all but the weather decided to switch up on us. It was bright and sunny the ENTIRE day BUT clouds started POURING down rain as soon as Justice & Shawn pulled up to the parking lot. It’s like Mother Nature waited on purpose. There was a big surprise coming up so I couldn’t cancel. I would usually reschedule, but not today.

We were able to drive away from the rain and head to the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. The Cavalier has a really nice outdoor area so that’s where we started. The rain eventually caught up so we moved indoors. At least the inside of the cavalier is just as beautiful as the outside. My cue to get on one knee was to cough. So I let out a good cough and then posed Justice & Shawn back to back. I told her that they were about to do something really candid. Shawn got on one knee and I told Justice to turn around.

Then they told the world that they were pregnant AND engaged.