BlushTones is an award-winning makeup artistry team based out of Virginia Beach specializing in airbrush makeup. Leah Laviano, owner and master artist, wanted photos that really show cased her new studio in Virginia Beach. She recently moved to a new studio and has spent the past couple of months adding in her decor and personal touches. Leah wanted to bring me in once she perfected it (she’s definitely a perfectionist but it shows!) The new studio is GORGEOUS. It’s full of bright, white light and huge mirrors. The seats that her clients sit in are super comfy and the studio as a whole has a very clean and modern look. I think she’s hit today’s trends head-on.

We really wanted to encompass the entire studio so we made sure we got wide shots, detail shots of makeup products, other makeup artists working on their models and Leah’s personality shots! Leah loves Chic-Fil-A and she just so happened to have some with her during our shoot (perfect timing!!) I definitely took advantage of that and told her to get on the table and pose with her Chic-Fil-A cup! She didn’t fight me on this idea.

Leah’s makeup artists are more than just girls working at a makeup studio. They all work together beautifully and act like a family, trust me I’ve seen it! This is so important when you’re working with them for a wedding. It’s a beautiful thing when everyone gets along so well. Everyone there is equally talented and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in booking any single makeup artist.

Follow them on Instagram @blushtones or check them out HERE. You can also book discounted services done in their gorgeous studio HERE.

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