Rachel & Thomas really wanted to come to Richmond for their engagement session even though it meant a fight through traffic for a few hours.

At this point, I don’t really trust the weatherman in Virginia because it could either be snowing, raining, or complete sunshine in the fall months. Who knows! We saw rain in the forecast and wanted to take our chance.

I was driving back home to Richmond from Virginia Beach that day and decided to take a detour to Target to buy a few clear umbrellas just in case. Thank goodness that I did because the rain poured down on us about 15 minutes into the engagement session!

We took the photos that we wanted at their original chosen location Libby Hill Park and headed over to the State Capitol to finish our session under the big white roof of the Capitol building. I loved the addition of the umbrellas and the fact that they brought their adorable dog named Albert. Everything came together since we all stayed super optimistic!