When I first moved to Richmond from Virginia Beach for college, I had no idea that this is where my business would truly take off. There is so much to this city but I narrowed my list down to the 5 places to shoot at most often.

  1. Libby Hill Park & Churchill Area

There’s a reason I’m always shooting at Libby Hill Park. My clients love the view of the city and the landscape of the park. The trees are beautiful down the path that they have there and change perfectly with the seasons. Then there’s the surround Churchill neighborhood full of houses with character and romantic streets.

2. The Capitol

While this is a very popular spot for my graduation sessions, couples love The State Capitol as well. There’s the beautiful white building of course, but there’s actually a lot to work with at this location. Besides the main building, there are smaller ones around that are similarly pleasing to the eye. There are fountains, lots of grass, and trees so that you can get a few different “looks” while being at the same place.

3. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

I don’t get to shoot here often because there is a $150 fee but when I do, I’m in love. The botanical gardens are like a photographer’s playground. It’s huge and almost anywhere in the gardens makes a gorgeous backdrop. My favorite part would be the Italian garden and the conservatory. The conservatory is this huge glass building that basically reflects the perfect light onto your couple. It’s a dream.

4. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The VMFA has a lot to it as well. You might know this place for the intriguing art galleries and their happy hour on the lawn, but there’s so much more if you take a look around. Near the entrance of the museum garden, walk up the stairs to find flowers and a nice water display. I also take my couples around to the back and use the white building as a really nice backdrop as well as a great reflector when they’re standing in front of it. It’s best to go early morning when it’s not busy.

5. Maymont

If you live in Richmond, you’ve definitely heard of Maymont. It’s another huge park that is privately owned and run by volunteers to keep up with the beauty of it. There are tons of photo-ops here. From their large fountain, Italian garden, Japanese garden, and more. Since it’s privately owned, you’ll have to pay a $35 permit fee to shoot here. It’s completely worth it though. There is something for the moody photographer to the light and airy photographer at Maymont.

These 5 places are most requested by my clients and I hope that I was able to inspire a few ideas out there. Please feel free to send me a message if you need help brainstorming for your next session in Richmond, VA.